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Thanks for stopping by. For sexy, heartwarming romance strong on plot, emotion, friends and family ties, you've come to the right place. My stories combine strong, sensual plots with love, romance and, of course, dollops of steamy sex!


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Hop up to the Book icon on the menu above to see my books. In Trust Me, Book 1 in the Hanson Family series, Brianna & Cole find that competition just makes their attraction stronger. Skye has to choose between her new love and her best friend (her gay husband, Jamie) in Touch Me. In Book 3, Hold Me, Luke & Becca are in for a bunch of challenges, both in life and love.


Then there's my holiday Love Bites. In Lifesaver, you will love Cathy's journey to confidence with the help of a hot man! Owen won't give up on Tess, despite her efforts to push him away in Miracle Guy. Holding My Breath will have you holding yours, as Claire encounters Heath, a man too good to be true and too awful to even think about! And you will love the missteps, humor and mystery that plague Samantha and Mason's fiery romance in A Soldier's Kiss

When I am not exploring the ties that bind and the obstacles that frustrate new lovers in my writing, I write and edit for daily soap opera and television drama.

I hope you enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoy writing them! 


In love and light (plus a little bit of lust... ;)

Harper Dell

- contemporary romance author -

Harper Dell


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